PERSONNEL AUDIT is a counselling service focused on an objective and qualified evaluation of personal and professional potential of employees. This service offers an audit of human resources and it provides a complex picture of the personnel situation in the organization. Personnel audit can be additionaly accompanied by the JOB ANALYSIS.


The focus of personnel audit

Personnel audit is focusing on evaluation of employees in several areas. They are defined individually according to the client and job position.

Individual personal profile of the employee who is classified into the assessment may describe his features such as:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Creativity, originality of thinking
  • Emotional stability
  • Properties applied in relation to other people
  • Assertiveness
  • Ability to deliver high performance, performance orientation
  • Analytical thinking, capacity for analysis and synthesis
  • Degree of identification with the company and job position
  • Job satisfaction


The final report of the audit

The result of the personnel audit is final report, which includes:

  • Verbal characteristics of the employee and the graphical representation of the personality profile
  • Assessing the suitability of personal abilities due to the implementation of the job position
  • Identification of possible problem areas
  • Recommendation of next career
  • Suggestions for further education


Methods of Use

Personality profile of each employee is evaluated through the detection of a wide range of individually chosen psychological and sociological methods.

The actual implementation is preceded by identifying of the job position, job description and requirements for workers.

Selection of appropriate psycho-diagnostic tests help to objectively evaluate the individual components of a personality profile of the staff.

In-depth interview is focused on the life track and career pathways of examined employee.

Solution of model situations is the method of assessing employees directly in the situations imitating various problem situations in real practice. The method is applied as part of an in-depth interview.


Time of implementation

Estimated time of realization:

  • Individual or group administration of psycho-diagnostic tests: 2-4 hours.
  • In-depth interview: one hour.
  • Forwarding a final report 2-15 days after completion of data collection.

Overall period of implementation depends on the definitive number of respondents. Mentioned timetable is valid for one respondent.



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